Online Tools Using Office 365

City University Online Tools

STEP ONE: Changing Your Password

  1. go to

  2. enter your email address:


    2. example:

  3. Click Next

  4. Enter Your Password: your default password is Cityu2020

  5. Click Sign In

  6. you need to change your password:

    1. Enter you current Password: Cityu2020

    2. Enter a new password: minimum 8 Characters with at least one capital letter and one number example: Thebeast25

    3. Re-enter your password and press Sign in 

  7. A screen will appear asking you to save your settings, click no
  8. A List of Applications will show as follows

Step Two: Download Microsoft Teams On Your Phone

There is a Version For All Operating Systems

Please Select Your Operating System

Step Three: Configure You Email Address on Your Device

Outlook 365 on

Windows 10

Configure Mail App

Using Iphone IOS 

Download Microsoft App

USing Android Mobile

Download Outlook for Android

You’re All Set!

for any other inquiry pass by the IT department Office located in the administration building 1st floor. we are glad to help you