Extra curricular Activities

Lecture Series

The lecture series are general lectures delivered to CITYU students by Public figures who are expert in their fields or individuals who are specializes in certain fields. The lecturer usually addresses a public issue or prevailing phenomena in the local society or international community. The purpose is to enhance the students’ knowledge and improve their ability at understand their surroundings locally and internationally.

Health service

CITYU has established an on-campus infirmary fully furnished with first aid equipment and run by a certified nurse with the help of students from the Faculty of Public Health, Nursing Department.

Social Club

The Social Club provides both internal and external extra curricula activities that intentionally promote student’s learning and growth in many fields. These activities help students to meet each other and develop a sense of belonging to the university and the community they live in.

Music Club

The Music club of CITYU was formed in 2008 and aims to promote traditional music, drumming, international music within the university and in the wider community events.

The club runs a variety of activities and groups including the university band and a traditional acoustic music session group, flute, bass guitar, keyboard, accordion, fiddle and guitar, all from beginner level. In addition, of organizing social events and outings on a regular basis.

Sports Clubs

CITYU priorities are not restricted to the development of students’ intellectual and academic progress only. It is profoundly concerned with developing the students’ talent and physical fitness to insure that both body and mind function in perfect harmony. For these reasons, CITYU offers sports activities to its students beside the academic activities.

 The mini football team: established itself as one of the leading teams nationwide. It also annually hosts most universities’ teams from all over the country in tournaments held in one of Tripoli’s well-equipped mini- football fields.

Basketball team: is competing against other university teams and as it is working its way to the top.

Aerobics classes: students have a chance to stay fit through the aerobics classes that are held twice a week on campus.