Intensive English Program

Intensive English Program

The English Language Program at City University is designed to develop proficiency and fluency in English. Students, at any level in English proficiency, can enroll in the program. The multiple levels of English range from beginning to advanced. Students in this program have full access to university library facilities, as well as to the computer and resource centers.

Intensive English Program

The IEP at City University is designed to equip students with the proper English language skills, which help them in pursuing their academic education. After successful completion of the program, students should be able to pass any of the internationally recognized examinations such as the SAT, TOEFL and IELTS.

English Language Program Features

– English Language Program is dedicated to providing an English program of the highest quality to students

– By employing highly qualified and dedicated instructors and by utilizing a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum. IEP provides the perfect environment for rapid language improvement

– English Language Program provides extensive support services

– These services ensure that the student’s stay at CITYU is culturally as well as educationally enriching.

– Our 6-level placement system allows us to place students into different levels in different classes or skill areas. Careful placement and program selection ensure that you will be studying English in the learning environment that is best for you.

– English Language Program utilizes a variety of innovative techniques

These techniques are designed to actively engage you in the learning process. You can expect stimulating classes filled with:

– Integrated skills approach

– Role-playing and problem-solving exercises

– Discussions

– Small group activities

– English Language Program’s main goal is effective communication

The English Language Program uses creative and dynamic learning activities to improve your ability to communicate in English. Rather than memorizing rules, you build fluency by applying the structures and functions of English to meaningful, practical situations