Travel and Tourism Extension Program

Internationally accredited diplomas

Duration: one year

Requirement: No education level are required, but English Knowledge is preferable

Age: No age limit

Why choosing CityU Travel & Tourism extension program?

– CityU is the only University offering such courses

– Lebanese Baccalaureate is not a must

– Open for all ages

– On field educational trips

– Students will benefit from all the services offered at the campus such as, library and internet etc.…

– All electronic reservation courses will be exercised in our advanced computer lab

– Training (MEA Airport, Hotel…)

– Certificate of achievement

– Free Turkish language Session

– English Tourism Terminology for beginners


Career opportunities 

Travel Agencie, Airlines, Car rental agencies, Rail services, Hotels, Water transport services, Tour packages (outgoing – incoming), Maritime agencies, Airport, Tourism department in a commercial company …..

Over 200 million people work in the travel and tourism industry worldwide. Our travel and tourism extension program is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to maximize career opportunities in this rapidly expanding industry.

From entry-level travel agent basics to senior management to agencies or tour operations. Each course leads to an IATA qualification recognized internationally by the travel.

Foundation in Travel and Tourism Diploma

Acquire essential knowledge and skills to work in the travel and tourism industry and become an effective travel professional. Provide advice on flight, accommodation and tour products, and how to ensure travelers fulfill necessary travel requirements. Improve your customer service and sales skills in order to better advise travel customers about when and where to travel based on their needs. Learn to use a global distribution system to create and manage reservations.

Travel and Tourism Consultant

Study popular tourism destinations and improve your sales skills to successfully advise your clients on the best travel coupons. Learn how to customize and construct complex travel itineraries, develop specialized knowledge of travel products and gain the skills to process ticket exchanges and reissues. Improve your sales skills to successfully turn prospect and existing customers into returning customers and learn how to understand how industry regulations affect your travel operations.

Managing the Travel Business Diploma

Improve your management skills in accounting, negotiation, marketing and product development with this course from IATA.

Airline Cabin Crew Training

Discover what it takes to excel in this challenging and rewarding career. The course covers both the human and technical aspects of the job. Learn about aircraft types and crew responsibilities, safety and emergency procedures, as well as handling passenger interaction and customer service issues.

IATA Cargo Introductory Course

Gain a broad understanding of cargo agency and airline operations. Learn industry terminology and abbreviations, world geography and air cargo acceptance procedures. Understand how to use the Air Cargo Tariff (TACT), calculate basic rates, fees and charges, and offer accurate advice to clients regarding shipments in accordance with IATA resolutions.

Air Transport Fundamentals

This course will provide you with an overview of the air transportation system that illustrates the independence among its components: Airlines, Airports, Civil aviation authorities and air navigation Services. This course is a must for anyone wishing to start a career in the aviation industry.

Social Media for the Industry

The course provides an overview on the common uses of social media sites and describes the most popular sites followed by business and consumers. Do’s and don‘ts in implementing a social media marketing strategy are highlighted. Strategies and procedures for getting the most and best business exposure in social media are explained with examples.

IATA Geography in Travel Planning

Travel professionals and their customers know how challenging travel planning can be. Itineraries can be complex and time zones confusing. This interactive course, developed with travel professionals in mind, will appeal to anyone with a passion of travel.

IATA Destination Geography ;The Most Visited Countries In The World

Do you know where Machu Picchu is? Or what famous mountains attract adventure travelers? Or why the climate on coastal England is mild and temperate while it shares the same latitude as Quebec City? This interactive course will help you understand what attracts visitors and create tourism, and learn the features of countries receiving the highest international arrivals.

Serving the Travel Customer

Travel professionals are challenged by constant technological innovation which raises customer expectations. Travel consumers have easy access to information and competitive self-service options through the internet. This course examines what is meant by customer service in travel industry, highlighting the importance of retaining current business while attracting new business. It examines fundamental communication skills essential for positive agent-customer relationships, recommending best practices in remaining connected with travelling customers and in building loyalty.

English for Tourism

The course focus on basic level English grammar and vocabulary building in the context of airline, airport, cargo and travel/tourism.

IATA GDS Fares and Ticketing

Become an air fare expert and gain competitive advantage in the market place. This course will help you price simple and complex journeys and interpret detailed ticket data, avoid potential misquotes under or over collection. This course lets you use a Global Distribution Systems to gain confidence in any itinerary pricing and ticketing.