Freshman Program

Freshman Program

The Freshman Program provides access for students who have successfully completed their 12th grade and obtained a high school certificate. The awarded certificate must be accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education.

Admission Requirements

The Admission’s Committee will compile a dossier of documents to be considered for student’s application to the University. To complete the dossier, applicants must submit all the following:

  • a filled out application form
  • two (2) recent passport-size photographs
  • a photocopy of the identity card or passport
  • approval of MEHE to undergo Freshman
  • high school diploma


Program Specifications

Applicants who are admitted to the Freshman Program are required to successfully complete the following credit hours:



Required Credit Hours



Humanities Including Social Sciences

9 credits


3 credits

Natural Sciences

3 credits


15 credits

Total Credits

30 credits

One Arabic course is required of all students whose native language is Arabic. Else, other foreign students must choose in place of the Arabic course any other course at Freshman level.

Suggested courses at Freshman level:


Humanities Including Social Sciences:

•        ARAB 101

•        ENG 101, ENG 102

•        CS 101

•        ECO 101, PSY 101, SOC 101


•   MATH 101

Natural Sciences:

•   BIO 101, CHEM 101, PHYS 101


As needed to add up to a total of 15 credits

Baccalaureate Equivalency Requirements
  1. the high school certificate
  2. the Freshman year transcript (30 credits)
  3. SAT I
  4. SAT II