Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Center

In spring 2011, the faculty of public health (FPH) at City University (CityU) has founded the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP) center as a platform dedicated for health education and protection, and illness prevention through community-based research and knowledge dissemination and special clinics dedicated to assess health and promote healthy lifestyle and behavior


The center’s vision is to be nationally and regionally recognized as a prominent center dedicated to apply public health research findings to the daily lives of individuals and communities.


HPDP mission is to:

  • Support, conduct, and evaluate community-based, high-quality research
  • Develop and make events, training programs, seminars and symposium to enlighten the community on health issues and public health practices;
  • Empower the populations and individuals to have a control over their health.

Overall, HPDP center aims to:

  • Provide the appropriate tools and information in order to protect health and promote healthy lifestyle;
  • Communicate and provide scientific knowledge to the community through practical trainings and seminars in order to reduce risks for health;
  • Educate people on food safety basics to minimize food poisoning;
  • Inform people on the importance of protection and preservation of the environment;
  • Celebrate world health related days in order to spread awareness on each topic;
  • Consolidate partnership with communities to protect lives:
  1. Identify local community health related needs and gaps
  2. Collaborate with local community experts to ameliorate human and environmental health;
  3. Conduct seminars to inform the community about the importance of disaster and emergency preparedness
  4. Create community health profiles and health surveys
  5. Educate the public on chronic disease prevention importance and their impact on the economy in general;
  6. Investigate and diagnose community health problems and hazards.