Environmental and Occupational Health


The goal of this program is to prevent disease and injury related to environmental and occupational stressors, and to promote health among individuals and groups, through education, research and professional services. Since environmental and occupational health problems are of increasing concern to Lebanese, the department of EOH strives to provide graduates who are oriented with a strong practical focus related to the challenges, context and environment of Lebanon and the region. Our graduates are well prepared to successfully develop, administer and evaluate environmental and occupational health programs. During their residency, students have learned to:

– Recognize environmental and occupational hazards

– Assess the social, economic and health impacts of those hazards

– Interpret existing and new regulations which affect the field at local and global levels

– Explain enforcement procedures and processes in law

Curriculum for the (B.Sc.)

Total credits: 96

Duration: 3 years

University Requirements (15 credits)

ARAB 201

Introduction to Arabic Language

3 cr

ENG 201

Academic English

3 cr

GHN 201

General Health & Nutrition

3 cr

COMP 201

Computer Applications

3 cr

CS 201

Cultural Studies

3 cr


Faculty Requirements (19 credits)

PDS 201

Personal Development Skills

3 cr

CHM 201

General Chemistry

4 cr

CHM 202

Analytical Chemistry

4 cr

CHM 204

Organic Chemistry

4 cr

MTH 205

Introductory Biostatistics

2 cr

MTH 206

introductory Epidemiology

2 cr


Major Requirements (50 credits)

EOH 201

Introductory Toxicology

3 cr

EOH 204

Environmental Microbiology I

3 cr

EOH 205

Environmental Microbiology II

3 cr

EOH 210

Air Quality Management†

4 cr

EOH 215

Water & Wastewater Quality Management†

4 cr

EOH 220

Waste Management†

4 cr

EOH 225

Food Quality Management†

3 cr

EOH 299

Graduation Project†

3 cr

EOH 300

Industrial Hygiene I

3 cr

EOH 301

Industrial Hygiene II

3 cr

EOH 305

Humanities and Public Health

3 cr

EOH 310

Environmental Instrumentation

3 cr

EOH 315

Special Topics in EOH/Seminar

3 cr

EOH 320

Introductory Risk Assessment†

3 cr

EOH 325

Environmental Impact Assessment

3 cr

EOH 330

Environmental Ethics

2 cr

Electives Requirements (12 credits)                                                                       12 cr


 Selected in consultation with academic adviser