About FBA

Faculty of Buisness Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration at City University has an academic mission to equip students with a distinguished education foundation as well as their academic specialty. The prospective student is shaped to be capable of meeting the demand of their professional and societal responsibilities; in addition to adapt to the ever-changing global environment.

The programs have been designed to attempt to respond to local and regional needs and priorities.

The Faculty of Business Administration seeks to attract students of high academic caliber and is committed to the values and philosophy of the academy.

The faculty’s programs and services encourage the retention and success of the enrolled students and graduate distinguished potential output.

Faculty Mission

The mission of the faculty of Business Administration at CITYU is an integral part of the CITYU Mission. The faculty is established to satisfy the needs of the local community as well as students from abroad.

The Faculty of Business Administration accomplishes its mission by fostering the following majors: Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics, and Management Information System.

The variety of the Business Administration majors will provide enrolled students with the proper and necessary skills to find the right solutions to the business organizations in particular and contribute to the economic development and growth of society in general.

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Faculty Objectives

The objectives of the Faculty of Business Administration at CITYU are the following:

– To prepare students at various majors of Business Administration to manage the business entities locally and abroad

– To develop students’ ability to think critically and creatively and broaden their horizon to meet the ever challenging needs of the business future markets

– To encourage the integration process between the local community and the Faculty of Business Administration

– To bridge the gap between the academic and the business sectors in the community

– To extend training and consulting services to the business community within the context of continuous education purposes