FAD Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admission is by selection of the most eligible and promising applicants. Students who hold the Lebanese Baccalaureate with all its sections can seek admission to the first year of any major within FAD.  Holders of the technical baccalaureate (BT) are eligible for admission only to the same major as that of the BT.

All candidates for admission to FAD, coming from countries other than Lebanon, must have successfully completed the pre-professional educational requirements of the candidate’s country or the approved freshman program in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of this University.

More specifically, to be eligible for admission to the first year in FAD, a candidate must:

1- Demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in English as specified under admission rules of the University

2- Sit for the FAD admission aptitude and/or scientific tests when required

3- Satisfy the Faculty of Architecture and Design on character recommendation, evaluated through a personal interview