Graphic Design


Graphic design revolves around manual and digital design intended for mass media. Graphic designers do not only deal with printed graphics where they are in total control of typography, imagery and preparation for production. Graphic designers are also at the heart of a broad array of visual communication fields, including consumer packaging, corporate identity, advertising campaigns, multi-media presentations, web design and environmental graphics. Designers are now also responsible for marketing and even content development, and they must possess a range of skills that would have been inconceivable just two decades ago.

Graphic design at FAD requires three years of study including a two-months practical experience and leads to a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. It is comprised of a total of 103 credit hours. The program attempts a balanced structure of course categories, core and elective, that include in addition to university requirements and art and design foundation, design studios (0), the technical category (1), the history and theory category (2), the digital design category (3), the design tools category (4), and the professional category (5).

Design studios and labs are spread out evenly throughout the program and are meant to gradually develop in complexity. Technical and design tools courses are mostly concentrated in the first two foundation years, where skills need to be developed for use in accompanying and later design studios. Professional and advanced courses are obviously pushed to the last 2 years where the professional market becomes closer at hand. Electives also spread in the last 2 years where students are mature enough to choose and concentrate on specific tracks including computer aided design, Islamic design, studio arts, and photography.

Curriculum for (BFA)

University Requirements

Course # Course Name cr.
ARAB 201 Introduction to Arabic Language 3
COMP 201 Computer Applications 3
CS 201 Cultural Studies I 3
GHN 201 General Health and Nutrition 3
ENG 201 Academic English 3
5 courses Subtotal: 15


Art and Design Foundation Requirements

Course # Course Name cr.
ADF 100 Basic Design 3
ADF 111 Freehand Drawing 3
ADF 114 Color in Design 3
ADF 121 History of Art 3
ADF 131 Computer Aided Graphics I 3
ADF 215 Photography I 3
ADF 335 Portfolio Presentation 2
ENG 202 Advanced Academic English 3
7 courses Subtotal: 23


Major Requirements

Course # Course Name cr.
GRA 101 GD Studio I (Introduction to GD) 4
GRA 202 GD Studio II (Corporate Identity) 4
GRA 203 GD Studio III (Packaging) 4
GRA 304 GD Studio IV (Advertising) 4
GRA 305 Final Project 6
PHO 202 Photography II 3
GRA 216 Graphic Illustration I 2
GRA 217 Graphic Illustration II 3
GRA 221 Graphic Design in History 2
GRA 232 Computer Aided Graphics II 3
GRA 333 Interactive Design 3
GRA 334 Motion Graphics 3
GRA 241 Typography I 3
GRA 242 Typography II 3
GRA 243 Printing and Production 3
GRA 351 Graphic Design Internship 1
GRA 352 Business Practice for Graphic Design 2
17 courses Subtotal: 53


FAD Major Electives

Three approved courses of 3 credits each from Graphic Design electives or from other majors within FAD. A student can choose to concentrate on one particular area.

Electives in Graphic Design are subject to change as different electives may be introduced every term:

Course # Course Name cr.
GRA 011 Advanced illustration 3
GRA 012 Data Presentation 3
GRA 021 Advertising 3
GRA 022 Music and Cinema 3
GRA 023 Movie Viewing 3
GRA 024 Effective Communication 3
GRA 031 Digital Animation 3
GRA 032 Programming for Web Design 3
GRA 041 Etching and Silkscreen 3
GRA 042 Advanced Printmaking 3
GRA 043 Advanced Typography 3
GRA 044 Advanced Packaging 3
3 courses Subtotal: 9


Free Electives

One approved course of 3 credits from other faculties at MUT.

Examples of a free elective are:

Course # Course Name cr.
PDS 201 Personal Development Skills 3
PDS 202 Advanced Personal Development Skills 3
SOC 201 Sociology 3
PSY 201 Psychology 3
MGT 201 Principles of Management 3
MUS 201 Music 3
1 course Subtotal 3