About FAD


The mission of the Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) is to provide quality design education and services to the community at large with special consideration to the needs and circumstances of Tripoli, Lebanon and the region. With its leading design and art program offerings, FAD has become a vital founding member among a number of other faculties of City University.


The Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) aims at:

– maintaining a faculty team of outstanding designers, artists, architects and scholars

– advocating the notion of design as predicated on the marriage of science and the fine arts

– offering a learning experience underscored by self-motivation and creativity

– pursuing a process of learning grounded on a broad understanding of the cultural and historical context in which we make art and design

– promoting holistic education, one that balances the emphasis on the professional major with an equally important expectation that a student be versed in the humanities, literature and the social sciences

– addressing the local and regional job market in the choice, development and tuning of majors, curricula and individual professional courses.