City University success so far, came as a result of hard work, sacrifice and determination. Such success will influence positively the community in Tripoli in particular and Lebanon in general.

His late Excellency Omar Karami always stressed the fact that we need to teach students to become leaders in the future, who foster the non-fanatic thoughts, such leaders eventually will act to re-structuring the city to the level of Tripoli community aspirations.

“Our motto will be aim high and make the sky your limit.”

Tripoli has been known for a long time, the city of science and scholars “AL-ULAMA”. Such attribute to Tripoli city, made us to exert all our sincere efforts, and to serve it honestly in its various Aspects, to maintain Tripoli as the City of science and scholars.

In the last decade, City University as a center for higher education and scientific research achieved a lot of its set objectives, though still has a long way to go. Such accomplishments came as a result of sincere cooperation among the academic staff, students, and the community.

No doubt, there is a mutual interest between CITYU and the graduates, once CITYU graduates serve their university, CITYU. Will Progress and flourish to become a prominent university among other existing universities, such growth will be reflected positively on CITYU students and graduates.


CITYU gratifying reward is the graduate students’ success in the labor market locally and abroad. Thus CITYU graduates, keep trying, you will never fail as long as you keep trying.

Keep smiling while you are achieving and facing life difficulties and obstacles. Always remember success is synonyms to hard and sincere work.

God bless you all.

Dr. Edgard Rizk