Mission Statement

Mission of statment

City University (CITYU) is a center for higher education and research, adopting the American system of education, and dedicated to serve the students, business communities and societies of Tripoli, Lebanon and the Arab World. Its mission is to offer the highest quality of education for the best possible value.

CITYU’s mission is education; it is research; it is social responsibility; and it is about love of country and God. The University seeks to educate, and to graduate its students as highly-proficient, ethical and productive members of society.

The University will enable its students, and by extension the society which it serves, with the necessary academic, technical and spiritual skills.

To fulfill its mission, the University leads by example. CITYU provides superior education to its students and to its citizens-at-large. CITYU will continuously review and update its curricula to meet market needs and changes in technology, while seeking to recruit instructors of the highest quality and character in the pursuit of its goals.

The University’s mission is a process in motion. CITYU will never waver in its focus on academic excellence, fortified by intellectual and social superiority. From established programs of education and research, to programs of continuing education, CITYU fosters the spirit of quality of education, advancement of knowledge, development of critical thinking and community service.