Instructions For Spring 2021 Semester Registration

Dear City University Student,

It is a turbulent time that the country is passing through. In an effort to ease your registration process in light of the current lock-down, we have put in place a series of procedures to help you stay safe.


Registration for Spring 2021 Semester

  1. First installment of tuition which is a minimum of 500 USD equivalent to 760,000 LL is payable starting Monday, February 8th, 2021 at:
    1. The Accounts Office at the university campus between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm Monday through Friday.
    2. Wire transfer through OMT (please refer to Mrs. Zeina Hamze (71534866) before any transfer)
  2. Students will have to finalize outstanding balance prior to registration.
  3. All intensive and remedial English courses will be preregistered, no need to pass by Dr. Saadallah Halimi.
  4. Once payment has been settled registration hold will be removed and you may register your courses online using the Student Information System Portal.
  5. If you have problems on how to register online, please refer to the following YouTube Video.
  6. If you cannot join a particular online course please refer to your dean or send an enquiry to  or Ms. Dima Habib (71686521).
  7. New Students are requested to contact Ms. Dima Habib (71686521) for information regarding entrance exams, generation of student ID and registration requirements.

Students should contact their supervisor or dean to be advised for courses to be registered.