Improving Healthcare Economic Performance through Participatory Intervention Research Projects

Three independent studies has been conducted in healthcare settings to evaluate the impact of participatory intervention research on hospital’s social and economic performance. Three independent researchers agreed to apply the same methodology in three different settings that tackles both social and economic performance. The result of applying two cycles of an innovative improvement process reveal tangible improvement through applied techniques and practices adopted based on scientific results and the concept engaging and enhancing people skills, resulting overall economic performance in organizations. The article discusses the performance improvement in different department within each hospital. Three primary research questions tackled in these interventions. First, does participatory intervention-research methodology improve performance in hospitals? Second, Does Improving performance through participatory intervention-research lead to better economic performance in hospitals on the short and long term? Does the methodology adopted improve work performance in difference hospital setting? (Buono & Savalll 2007). The results of the intervention can be answered optimistically in regards to the three questions in all three settings. The economic results of improving the hospital performance leads to the conclusion that we are able to achieve both economic and social performance using a mixed method methodology to reduce company’s expenses.

Academy of Management ProceedingsVol. 2018, No. 1

Mazen Mohamad Hazim & al
Published Online:9 Jul 2018