Developing Healthcare Competencies, Performance and Human Potential Through Intervention-Research

Academy of Management Proceedings Vol. 2017, No. 1

Organizations are affected by their employee’s performance, they have the power to hinder its operations, this is due to many demotivated factors such as depersonalization in the workplace, lack of incentives, horizon, and definitely the required energy to perform autonomously for his own benefit, as well as to their organization development. Socio-economic management is an intervention-research method, positioned within the management consulting research field, one aspect of the method is its emphasis on releasing untapped potential within organizations existing its human resources, based on the notion that employees has dormant energy which can be revitalized in favor of the organization they work with, this can be achieved by tackling employees lack of motivation through active engagement of employees in healthcare organization development process. this paper will try to highlight methods, tools, and strategies proposed by socio-economic approach to management in order to achieve active engagement of employees, resulting better performance and releasing the energy within.

Mazen Mohamad Hazim
Published Online:30 Nov 2017